Robert-Jan and Melissa (parents of Luna): "Quite proud of the idea that Neolac's organic baby food comes from our own cows! Our daughter loves it!"

Good for your child, better for the world!

Conscious choice

More and more mothers consciously opt for organic baby food, based on the idea that they want to give their baby the best possible start and at the same time help to better protect the world in which they grow up.

Produced naturally

In organic baby food, the ingredients are produced in a natural, animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly manner. By the natural way is meant, without fertilizer and chemical-synthetic pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. Organic baby food is made from organic milk, oil, lactose and galacto oligosaccharides (a type of fiber).

Good for animals and the environment

Animal and nature are central to organic agriculture. This means that the cows, from which the milk comes, are well cared for, get good food and are outside in a spacious meadow so that they can move around nicely. When the cows have to enter, there is a large indoor shed. These animals receive organic food and eat fresh grass. Fewer pesticides are also used and, if used, are usually of natural origin. With the help of organic baby food, fewer potentially hazardous substances are released into the environment.

Safe and trusted

Neolac’s organic bottle foods meet the European guidelines and the latest scientific insights. Each variant is adapted to the specific nutritional needs of your baby or toddler. This way you know for sure that your child will get all the necessary nutrients.