Why opt for organic bottle feeding?

"Why organic?" Many different answers can be given to that question. Do you like nature, animals and the environment? Then choosing organic products is a logical consequence. The production of organic food takes into account the environment as much as possible. If you choose organic, then you opt for a better life for people, animals and more care for the environment.


Better for people and the environment

An important basic principle of organic is that we work as naturally as possible. Among other things, this means that no chemical-synthetic additives may be used in the production of organic food. For infant nutrition, it applies anyway that no artificial colors, flavors and fragrances may be used. Only a few additions of natural origin are permitted.

In addition, organic farming does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers and chemical pesticides.


Animals from organic farmers have a better life

Animals in the organic industry are kept as healthy and natural as possible. In this way they do not receive preventive antibiotics and hormones and the animals are encouraged to show behavior as naturally as possible.

Organic animals also get more space. Animals from organic livestock farmers get more room to graze and therefore have a better life than most animals in conventional livestock farming. In addition, farmers do not use pesticides and artificial fertilizers, but only natural mange pesticides.


Organic farmers get a fair price

If you see an organic quality mark on a package, you know that the product meets strict legal requirements and that the producer receives a fair price for his product.

Organic products are often slightly more expensive, but the animals, the earth and yourself are better cared for. But of course you don't have to buy everything organic; With every purchase you already contribute a little to a better world for people (including the little ones!), animals and the environment.