A composition with organic and sustainable ingredients

At least 95% of an organic product must consist of ingredients from organic farming. Neolac, however, goes a step further: for example, the modern addition of GOS (a prebiotic fiber) in our bottle formula is also organic. For ingredients that are not biologically available, such as DHA, we have also done our utmost to use the most sustainable possible variant.


Our base, organic meadow milk from the Netherlands.

The basis for all our products comes from Dutch farmers who opt for organic dairy farming based on conviction.

Every day they dedicate themselves with great passion to the welfare of their cows, their farm and the environment.


Important nutrients.

The Dutch organic meadow milk from Neolac is made with sustainable ingredients.

Like other follow-on milks, Neolac contains important nutrients such as vitamins B2, B12 and important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for normal growth and development of the bone structure of children.


Added organic ingredients.

Neolac bottle formula is enriched with GOS, a dietary fiber that helps the growth of good bacteria in your baby's gut. The GOS that is added to Neolac organic bottle feed is completely organic.

DHA and AA are unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. DHA is common in brain and eye tissue. According to new legislation that will take effect from 2016, all bottle feeds must contain DHA. The most common source of DHA is fish oil, however, Neolac has chosen to use only sustainably extracted DHA from algae.


Easy, hygienic and sustainable packaging.

Ease of use, hygiene and sustainability are leading in the design of our packaging.

This way the spoon can be attached to the lid. This means you always have the spoon directly at hand so that you don't have to fish with your hands in the powder. In addition, the Neolac tins are made from sustainable materials that can be almost completely recycled after use.