100% organic milk from Dutch cows

All milk in our bottle feeds comes entirely from Dutch cows. Local farmers who opt for organic from passion and conviction. The welfare of the environment and animals are central to organic farming. Cows are free to graze outside in the meadow when the weather permits, and only receive organic food.


Characteristics of organic farming

Animal welfare and the environment are central.

The Neolac cows graze on average 200 days a year outside and also receive organically grown food from their own farm. The manure is reused by the farmers on the land that completes the natural cycle. When the weather is not suitable for standing outside and the cows are inside in a large stable, they only receive organic food. Finally, organic farming does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers and chemical pesticides.


Certified organic

All Neolac products are certified organic in accordance with Dutch and European legislation.

Our packaging therefore shows both the EU organic quality mark (green and white leaf) and the Dutch organic quality mark (black and white EKO logo).


100% Dutch milk

Our country has a long tradition of dairy production. The soil and climate conditions in the Netherlands are very favorable for dairy farming.

The good cooperation between dairy farmers, processors, suppliers and knowledge institutes has ensured a thriving industry that works with the latest high-quality technology. The Dutch milk in Neolac organic bottle feed is known worldwide as very good quality milk.